Ever since we first published Tamara Honey’s inspired home tour in our January 2011 issue, we’ve had a major girl crush on this talented Los Angeles interior designer. Her spaces – always infused with a sense of history, style, and personality – seem to only get better the longer we take them in. Her office space is no exception. Recently we paid a visit to Tamara’s Pasadena workspace and showroom to talk shop and grab some sage advice along the way. Here’s what she had to say:

First things first, you started out in fashion. Do the two always go hand-in-hand?
My love of fashion easily translated into interior design. Color theory, patterns, scale and the overall act of putting an outfit together is very similar to that of a room. I still look to fashion to help inspire an interior and truly feel they go hand in hand. I think education is just part of it; and the more you travel and experience, the more you come into your own style and grow as a person.  I try not to take myself or my interiors too seriously, there is always a sense of humor and fun in both my fashion sensibility and interiors.

We think that’s precisely what sets you apart from others. 
Yes, my interiors are all very whimsical so I hope what makes them unique is that they make people smile.

Well, they definitely make us smile! Is there one thing every space should have?
A bit of soul.

Yes! Now, let’s talk about your office space. What were your goals aesthetically and functionally speaking when designing it? 
I think creating spaces that are both practical and chic is very important. I try to work with clients to make sure there is a connection or flow throughout the interior and a common thread…one complete thought. With our offices, I created personal zones that are unexpected, hoping to inspire the House of Honey team. There is a definite sense of humor and layers on layers- nothing like pattern to make you smile! Being risky with color and texture in the office allows everyone to feel very free! Storage is also key. Nobody wants to look at fabric samples and paperwork all day; boring!

So, if you had to boil it down to your Top 5 Tips for creating a beautiful and function workspace, what would it be?
1. Always mix old and new.
2. Start a collection and keep adding to it.
3. Storage is a must; reinvent old pieces.
4. Oversized lighting please!
5. Have fun with it, and do something unexpected.

Speaking of unexpected elements in a space- you showcase a distinct taste in art. Can you share some of your favorite artists with us?
Art is so important! I am obsessed with portraiture. We just designed a room at this year’s Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills with Phyllis Morris where we showcased two amazing Margaret Keane pieces- insane! I am also a huge fan of John Currins’ portraits. Oversized abstract paintings is another obsession. Give me anything reminiscent of a Cy Twombly. The movement and color can energize any space. Photography is also a must. Either a vintage Avedon photomural or a contemporary like Julie Blackmon.

We loved your room in the Greyston Mansion! What do you attribute your success to?
Taking chances everyday.

Is there a business lesson that took you the longest to learn?
I’m still learning……but to be bold and fearless or nothing will happen. And say ‘yes’ to any opportunity.

What drives you professionally and personally?
My belief that your surroundings really do affect your attitude, mood and desire for life. Whether a restaurant, hotel or home, the décor sets the tone. A well designed space should make you feel happy, inspired and at peace, all at once! I also think your environment should reflect, your past, your present and who you aspire to be!

Perfectly said! Last but not least, any New Year’s Resolutions you can share with us?
Play more games with my kids and organize and edit my closet- scary!

Something tells us you’ll accomplish both of those, and so much more in 2014! Can’t get enough of Tamara? Neither can we! Follow along on all her adventures here: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter.