There was a lot that stood out to us in Dallas Shaw’s home tour. The bold use of wallpaper, that gorgeous studded bed, and that neon sign adorning the mantle all pulled at our heart strings. Yet perhaps most swoon-worthy was her closet, and more specifically- her shoes. We love how the talented fashionista had her impressive collection on display; each pair ready for adventure at a moment’s notice.

Dallas found the “shoe rack” at a vintage store. While the photos make it seem like an everyday ladder, it’s actually a piece of an old window. Her artistic eye was able to see right through its function and dream up something even better- resulting in a dreamy display that even Carrie Bradshaw would be jealous of. The next time you’re at the flea market or your favorite vintage store (or heck, even at Home Depot!), keep an eye out for unique finds that will display your shoes in style. And as we’ve mentioned before, if you can see them- you’ll wear them.

Image originally appeared as part of “Mix it Up” in our June 2014 here