Italy is a design enthusiast’s paradise- it is the heart of groundbreaking modern design, with a penchant for quality and detail, as well as a place that has an unparalleled history of classically beautiful architecture. When we came across the home of architects Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba in Dwell, we were completely floored by the seamless mixing of the two styles. The Palomba residence, orignally an old 17th century mill in the south eastern part of Italy, was converted by the couple into a vacation home for them to enjoy when they wanted to get away from their busy life in Milan.

Looking at the simplistic beauty of the structure, you’d think that this is how it always was- that’s the sign of true talent. Ludovica and Roberto saw potential in the old mill, which was completely dark, without any natural light, and had none of the basic elements of modern living. The couple decided that the best way to keep the structure true to its original state while adapting it to their needs, was to create a series of sky lighting, flooding the 4,300 foot-square space with natural light. The other essential element that they modified was the floor, sourcing local concrete and keeping the mill’s multiple levels. With its tall arches and painted stone walls, it was the perfect canvas for modern furniture in natural tones- cotton, linen, wood and rattan.

We are already entranced by the beauty of the renovation and it’s low level casual furnishings. But our mind, as always, is turned to entertaining- from the stainless steel kitchen with gourmet Italian provisions to the 8 person dining table, this home looks like the ideal place to enjoy dinner and wine with friends. We can only imagine how beautiful it would all look in the evening, in the warm glow of its ceiling and wall fixtures. It’s places like this that inspire us to take the time to find unique pieces of furniture, opt for clean and modern kitchens and bathrooms, and find a place that has plenty of original charm to add to the mix. Unfortunately interior design requires a lot of patience, but the payoff, as is shown by the Palomba residence, can be big.

Want to capture the style of Southern Italy meets modernism? Here are a few pieces to get the look!

Shop Rue: 1. White Swing Arm Sconce // 2. Mid-Century Bird Pitcher // 3. Gray Geometric Rug // 4. Reclaimed Wood and Steel Dining Table // 5. Rattan Lounge Chair // 6. Round Wood Stool