We’ve been drawn to a little DIY action lately… and this week’s Trick to Try is only fueling the fire. We just love how fashion designer Katie Ermilio made her tiny bedroom seem grand with a hand-painted headboard! Now, we’re not talking an old headboard that has been given new life with a few coats of paint or embellishments. When the size of her room wouldn’t allow for much more than a mattress, Katie took things into her own hands and traced the shape of her dream headboard directly on the wall. The white outline complements the room’s minty hue, but this would look awesome with any color combination. It’s a great option for studio apartments or bedrooms that could just as easily be labeled as a “closet.” We’ve officially added this to our list of Bedroom Wall inspiration!

Image originally appeared as part of “Cut & Sew” in our November/December 2010 here