French artist Henri Matisse was one of the most well known painters of the early 20th century, a contemporary and friend to fellow painter Pablo Picasso. His sense of color, vivid even now, was especially noteworthy compared to the more subdued tones used by artists of his day. Deep sapphires, emerald greens, and canary yellows grace the canvases of his paintings and continue to serve as major inspiration today. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is currently highlighting his artistic process in an exhibit entitled “Matisse: In Search of True Painting,” through March 17th 2013, and is well worth a trip. If a visit isn’t in the cards, consider looking at some of our favorite Matisse paintings as a source of inspiration. We’ve found matches to their deep color palettes in an array of interior paints- perfect to accentuate any space in your home. But, don’t forget- bright colors can be overpowering when used in the wrong way. Rue recommends using these colors to paint stripes, a bathroom, door, or an empty canvas as a piece of art.