We often focus our energy on the areas of our homes in which we spend the most time in like our living room and our bedroom, which isn’t a bad practice. However, sometimes we need to retreat from those spaces we spend the most time in and decompress, and what better place than your bathtub or shower? In order to take a step back and relax, it is important to create a space dedicated to doing just that! A space that invites you to put on a face mask, grab a good book, and get the bath salts out.

The best practice for creating a relaxing space is to get rid of all visual clutter. To achieve this, rid yourself of products you don’t currently use and or expired products. Believe it or not, facial cleansers and cosmetic products do go bad. Once you have done that, organize all of the products you do use. Get containers that are visually pleasing and truly match your aesthetic.

Choose towels that give you something to look forward to post-bath and look beautiful when hung or folded. We love the look of these simple, yet gorgeous Cuyana towels. The same rule that applies to products, applies to towels. Find a place where your towels will contribute to your bathroom rather than create clutter.

Think outside the box and decorate your bathroom as you would any other room in your home! Choose and hang up pictures that are inspiring and soothing. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, don’t hesitate to use mirrors to visually open up the space. Use accents that tie your room together and add personality to your bathroom. Lastly, don’t forget to add some green! Plants always bring life to a room and give an air of freshness and cleanliness, something you can’t go without in a spa.

Image originally appeared as part of “Mid-Country Modern” in our March 2014 here