Chloe Warner first broke out onto the national design scene when domino magazine featured her colorful yet classic home years ago. Since then, she’s proved her staying power as one of the industries top talents. And with a degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design and exposure to Sister Parish and Albert Hadley designed rooms from a young age, it’s no wonder that this formally trained, highly intuitive designer aces pattern and color like nobody else. Today Chloe welcomes us into her chic San Francisco office. Here’s what she has to say:

Thank you for having us over! What was the design goal and inspiration for the space?
My goal was to have a glamorous atelier setting to do design work and to meet with clients.  A white box was never going to cut it; I need a zesty environment to feel creative and excited to come to work.

We think you definitely succeeded in that! Do you have a favorite element in here?
I love the lucite shelves and baby blue sofa.  It’s such a groovy spot with pretty fabrics, and the shelves are stocked with beautiful books and objects. I feel like when we meet there life is pretty good.

Tell us, what gets you out of bed in the morning?
Literally my husband delivers coffee with maple syrup to my bedside.  And two kids yelling “AWAKE!!!”

Walk us through a typical day for you.
I get in at the crack of 10am, catch up with messages and email, and discuss celebrities and television with the girls in my office.  We are all very committed to lowbrow shows. Often I will drive to meet a client or a contractor and if it’s anywhere near Happy Moose Juice I will stop and buy one.  I’m the most productive in the afternoon, and can draft or research furniture or make inspiration boards for hours at a time.  Five o’clock comes really early, and I drive home to have dinner with my two toddlers and husband.

We love your healthy work-life balance. Tell us a little bit about the team that helps make it possible.
I have three designers that work with me, and I can’t say enough good things about them. In some ways they are all versions of me, but better organized.  I oversee all the design work they do, but they execute all the logistics involved with installing projects.  We also have a bookkeeper from Switzerland who is nothing like me, and I worship her.  If she had a tattoo it would say “no errors ever”.  But she would never have a tattoo.

Proudest profession moment?
When a client calls to have us do their new house I feel so proud.  It means that our business worked, which feels amazing.

You’re known for mixing pattern and color. Can you shed some light on how to make it work?
It’s like cooking – some combinations just work, and some combinations only work in the right hands.  Blue and white is the pepperoni pizza of combinations, even when it’s bad it is still kind of good.  When I was a tween I learned a lot from the “bed in a bag” sets that were sold at department stores.  Three colors max, one abstract, one solid, and one small-scale.  I still think that’s good advice if you are scared of going wrong.  If you are looking to do something more interesting you have to play around.

What a great way of thinking about it. Last but not least, we want to know- what’s your favorite part about your job?
Making piles of fabrics that sing together.