With the temperatures being particularly frosty this year, we believe that February is a month to continue winter’s hibernation. But this month the best way to do it is with someone you love- whether it’s with your romantic partner or bestie, there’s nothing better than enjoying some indoor rest and relaxation with someone you can be yourself with.

Since this month is also a month about passion (Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, stay tuned for our his & her gift guides coming out tomorrow and next week!), we believe that our featured color should be burgundy. Just like a great glass of cabernet, burgundy is a warm tone that can be enjoyed by both more feminine and masculine tastes. Depending on the other colors you choose to pair with it, it can be ulta-modern (like our inspiration photo made up of black, white, and wood) or flirty (if paired with softer shades of purple and pink). We believe that burgundy looks best when used in area rugs, upholstered pieces and small accents like floral arrangements- choose burgundy flowers in a dark vase for a vamp twist on traditional red roses. There are so many directions to take this month’s tone in, all of which have an undeniable sexy side.

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