Rue is your pathway to stylish living. Founded in 2010 as a bimonthly digital interior design magazine, the site has since grown to be your daily source for all things inspiring. Our team is committed to bringing you well-crafted design, effortless entertaining tips, and the products you need to make it all your own. Join us as we empower you to live the most beautiful version of your life.

Meet the Team

Crystal Palecek

Who She Is: Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Why We Love Her: Launching a publication of your own is no easy feat, so we love a gal who makes it look like a breeze. Crystal first discovered her penchant for interiors as a little girl when her parents’ decorator came over one day, surprised to see the perfectly styled sitting room, and asked who they’d hired while she was away. When Crystal’s mother pointed at her ten year old daughter, they knew they had a budding decorator on their hands. When she’s not obsessing over interiors, you can find Crystal exploring San Francisco with her husband, Andrew. And if she takes you to an Italian restaurant, don’t be surprised when she orders in the fluent Italian she perfected during her three-year stint in Rome. As the driving force behind Rue, Crystal provides the vision and voice for the magazine.

Maia McDonald

Who She Is:
Art Director

Why We Love Her: With design experience at Shopbop and Williams-Sonoma, Maia found her stride at Rue. (And makes everything oh-so-gorgeous in the process!) This new mom is our resident pro at finding hidden gems- from good food to brilliant boutiques, and never stops inspiring her 1.8 million Pinterest followers.

Kelli Lamb

Who She Is:
Managing Editor

Why We Love Her: Kelli comes from a background in e-commerce, but ventured into blogging when she decided to take a yearlong hiatus from shopping and chronicle the entire thing. She quickly discovered her true love was writing, and now covers lifestyle, fashion, and design on Rue. She’s also our social media maven!

Victoria de la Camara

Who She Is:
Market Editor

Why We Love Her: Her keen eye for cutting edge fashion, art, and design adds an element of effortless style to everything she touches. Victoria, formerly with Jonathan Adler, is most likely to be found traveling the globe in search of the latest trends in decor and feeding her endless case of wanderlust.

Katherine McEachern

Who She Is:
Lifestyle Editor

Why We Love Her: This Southern girl is a jack-of-all-trades. Whether she’s lending her voice to Rue, designing her own handcrafted jewelry line, or studying up on sustainable design, this gal is always on the go. She spends the little free time she has with her husband and their adorable pup. Did we mention? If you need tips on where to find the best vintage jewelry, ask Kat!

Julie Edwards

Who She Is:
Graphic Designer

Why We Love Her: Julie is known for many things: her bubbly personality, a contagious laugh, and an expert design sense. Having traveled the world (Hong Kong, Brazil, Paris, Germany, Bali), this California girl is uber-talented and always inspiring. Her love of design is apparent in everything she does, and she’s always wearing the most enviable vintage clothing.

Mandy Mortimer

Who She Is:

Why We Love Her: An impressive 12-year media background paired with a love for design makes Mandy a force to be reckoned with. She’s inspired by everything digital, as well as fashion, music, and eclectic finds. As the youngest of nine, Mandy developed a romance with travel at an early age- and take it from us, she always has the best stories.